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We offer a range of services which enable you to create a stable yet ambitious future for your organisation.  From strategy consultancy to brand development. To learn more please make an enquiry or request to order a brochure.

Our fully managed fundraising campaigns enable you to receive funds, without the difficulty of employing people or attempting to learn about the complicated rules and regulations. You sign up, together we set a target and then every week we transfer the funds raised directly to you. 

About Our Aid

Charity Aid is a national support organisation established to provide relief to small and local charities in critical need of professional skills and funding.

Charity Aid was founded to support small and local charities which have a direct impact on people’s lives.  The work these small organisations do can be fundamental to the sustainable protection of the most vulnerable people in our local communities.


We are here to ensure these charities and the individuals behind them have a solid support mechanism should they, themselves require help

and support.


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We always follow the Code of Fundraising Practice outlined by the UK Fundraising Regulator that sets out the responsibilities  that apply to fundraising carried out by charitable institutions and third-party fundraisers in the UK.

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