Registration Form

In format DD/MM/YYYY. Your date of birth will be checked against your passport information. You must be at least 18 to be on our books.

National Insurance Number

Enter letters, numbers and spaces only. Only people of state pension age are exempt of National Insurance contributions. If you are of state pension age we will automatically class you as exempt.

Do you have a Unique Tax Reference?

As a Fundraiser you are considered Self Employed and may need to provide a Unique Tax Reference number. If you don't have a UTR you can skip this step for now. The new trading allowance rules mean that you can delay registering until your GROSS income from all forms of self employment exceeds £1000. However, you will need to apply for one soon; we can help if required.

Address where you live

Contact details

Next of Kin

Payment Details

Terms of Registration

I have a UK National Insurance number and agree that I am legally entitled to work in the UK.

I understand that a copy of my passport or proof of identity or work permit (if applicable) will be taken from me before I'm offered work and I'm able to provide necessary documentation.

All the details above are correct and I agree that it is my responsibility to make sure that all personal details are kept up to date by contacting Charity Aid if required. This includes amending any change in phone number, address, email or bank details.

You give Charity Aid consent to keep your personal details on file and to forward any relevant details onto our charity partners. Should you breach your legal obligation we reserve the right to forward your information onto The Fundraising Regulator and the Fraud and Financial Crime authority.

When you complete this process – you are not automatically registered with us until you have been sent an approval email, usually within after your trial period is complete. If accepted, you will be registered with Charity Aid for 12 months from approval date. We reserve the right to refuse you entry onto our books.

You authorise Charity Aid to receive payment from our Charity Partners on your behalf and deposit those payments into our client account. Once we receive payment, we will pay the balance of the owed amount directly into your bank account within 5 working days. A remittance will be emailed to you.

I acknowledge that in order to process my application to be engaged by Charity Aid a DBS check will be undertaken

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